Bath time, bedtime, schoolwork – what do all of these have in common? If you have children, you know that getting your child to do just about anything can quickly escalate into a struggle, and eating is one of the biggest. No, you can’t eat gummies for dinner, and sorry, potato chips aren’t a vegetable. If you are looking for easy ways to get your child the nutrition they need with food they’ll love, check out these recipes:

Quick Recipes
School lunch
  • Take school lunch to the next level with fruit roll-ups and DIY uncrustables
  • Hot and cold ideas to match your child’s preferences like kid kabobs and grilled cheese dippers for soup.
  • Sandwich-free options that are nut-free for children with allergies.

With these easy recipes, you’ll be sure to find something your child will love that doesn’t require hours spent in the kitchen or money spent on ingredients you’ll use only once. Bon appétit!

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