In today’s society, single-parent homes are becoming a reality that many face. What’s surprising to learn is that, as of 2011, 24 percent of single-parent households are headed by fathers. Single fathers face many unique challenges. While being a single father can sometimes be a difficult job, there are many resources available to help ease the burden. Remember, the way we eat, drink, love, and cope with stress, depression, anxiety, and sadness all play a big role in the state our mental health is in. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing for you, and not the easiest thing.

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The kids are out of school and you are looking for a family vacation that will make lasting memories. You know the kind, the ones you will talk about at Thanksgiving 20+ years from now. Over the past decade, since my son was 4 years old, our family has been blessed to visit many memorable places during our travels. Read on to learn about our family’s top 5 memorable family vacations.

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By Eva Dwight, BA, MEd, ACC

A Positive Discipline educator recently posted the observation that we all want our children to be good problem solvers…but we don’t seem to want them to have any problems. I thought that was really interesting, and so true. Why is that? Because there’s nothing harder, I think, than watching my child struggle. I want to jump in there and fix it for him so he can just have it easy and not get discouraged and…um…not learn any survival skills. Wait, that’s not what I want!
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Whether you are moving for a job, to a better school district, to be closer to family, or just for a change of scenery, it is an exciting time nonetheless. It is helpful to have two adults to help wrangle the children, but as a single dad, this is a solo job. While the thought of trying to move your stuff and the kids leads you to feel a little panicky, check out these easy tips to take away some of the stress.

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Camping with children is an adventure all on its own, but add the fact that you’re a single dad and have never come close to leaving the comfort of the carefully executed fort in the living room, and this can quickly turn into a stressful situation. Check out these three quick tips to make your camping trip one for the scrapbook.

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If only there was a step-by-step guide to navigating parenthood as a single dad, with how-to guides and pictures depicting every possible scenario you might come across. We’re talking no changing tables in the men’s restroom, grooming, and the dreaded sex talk. Being a single dad comes with its own set of personal challenges, but lucky for you, dads have joined together on a united front to offer tips and advice to get you through the most difficult scenarios. Check out these situations with tips to tackle each one.

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